Company Culture

  Core values   Responsibility and responsibility.

  Company Vision   Become a world-class packaging company.

  Company mission   Constantly innovate and lead the new trend of packaging!

  Development Path

  In 2000, I rented a small workshop in Wen'an Sansu and invested 40,000 yuan to buy a second-hand injection molding machine.

  In 2003, the company rented a waste classroom of Wen'an County Party Committee and invested 1.5 million yuan to establish Wen'an County Qiangqiang Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

  In 2005, it entered the top 60 Wen'an Top 100 taxpayers and became the largest manufacturer of milk tank handles in China.

  In 2009, the company acquired Bazhou Hongfa Chair Industry. In 2010, it invested 70 million yuan to establish the industry's highest standard 200,000-level GMP workshop, and was registered as Hebei Powerful.

  In 2015, it became the largest manufacturer of yogurt sheets in China (including pre-package and ice cream trays), and paid more than RMB 7 million in 2016.

  In 2016, the company invested 370 million yuan to establish a domestically-ranked 100,000-class GMP production workshop with the highest international level, and established Hebei Kunyun Plastic Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

  Development status (the reason why the development is stable and fast, the following points:)

  1] Respond to the Party Central Committee's call to learn the party's policies, take advantage of the local government, and establish sustainable and pollution-free environmental protection enterprises, people's livelihood conscience enterprises, and science and technology development enterprises. In the past five years, nearly 10 million yuan has been invested in pollution control, pollution prevention and technological transformation. At present, sewage and sulfur dioxide emissions are zero, and alkane gas and VOC gas emissions are superior to national standards.

  2] Customer group and product positioning are high-end clear:

  Domestic representative customer: Yili Mengniu Wahaha Bright

  International representative customer: Danone Starbucks

  Among the above six, among the top 100 international food companies, four are in the top ten, and one of them is in the top three. The total output value exceeds 500 billion yuan. The packaging (plastic) dosage exceeds 20 billion.

  The above-mentioned companies are currently growing at an average annual rate of 15%, which is not only promising but also promising. Positioning high-end food packaging is a Minsheng technology enterprise with high threshold, high technical content and high management requirements. General companies are not good at intervening. People take food for the sky and never eliminate it. And with the establishment of Xiong'an New District, there are hundreds of millions of high-end customers around.

  3] Establishing a scientific and technological innovation enterprise: The company has invested over 10 million research and development funds in the past few years, and applied for more than 20 patents, of which 2 are global leaders. And with the establishment of talent training programs at home and abroad colleges and universities, the company established a cooperative relationship with German professional colleges as early as 2010.

  Development concept

  1] Start with the actual situation, but set a big tone. Enterprise development "do not seek too fast, we must seek stability", "do not seek to be big, we must strive to be fine." The leadership team: “Do not ask for personal enjoyment and seek family and employee happiness”, “Responsibility is greater than everything”, and the government “does not take glory as a relationship, but pays taxes as a glorious”. After many years of capital and technical reserves, the company has completely Grasp the annual growth of more than 15%. At present, from the market to the market stage. Is marching to the world's leading packaging companies

  2] Since the 18th National Congress, enterprises have only united around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, and earnestly studied the reform goals and related policies of “supply, give, and side”. Enterprise development must be highly consistent with the Party Central Committee and local governments. “Do not drill the policy loopholes” “Do not take the opposite path” “Do not earn the heart of the ticket”, and measure the development standards and requirements of the enterprise with employee happiness and tax contribution rate and social contribution. Create an excellent team of taxation. Do not give trouble to the government, and give more development to the society.

  3] To be a company, especially a party member entrepreneur, always remember the word "responsibility". Taking the enterprise as a happy process of starting a business, we must never take personal “hedonism”. Treating wealth as a resource for a difficult group is a reflection of the gratitude of society. In recent years, the company's rescue funds for the society have continued to grow (currently to a million per year), and three 100 programs are currently being implemented: no less than 100 primary school students, 100 college students, 100 outstanding inspirational students and excellent teachers. Special support is given to vulnerable groups such as nursing home orphanages.

  Finally, I would like to thank the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, especially the local county party committee and county government and the development zone for their support in the water, electricity, gas, road and related formalities policies. We will welcome the convening of the 19th National Congress with a new attitude.